Absolutely the trip of a lifetime. Just an incredible trip that rates at the top of our list and we have been to quite a few places. No one we know will go to Australia and not be referred to your company by us! You did a fabulous job, the Burrawang Station stop was probably a once in a lifetime experience that will never be outdone. It was also great having all your contact numbers for my family, friends and business contacts; I felt I wasn’t really on the other side of the world. Thanks for checking up on us during our stay, that too was a nice added touch!

Martin & Lorraine, USA

This is one of Australia’s great experiences. Many people around the world dream of the Outback and Outback life, but never have the chance to live it. You are pioneers and you make Australia proud. Thank you for bringing the real Australia to others.

JB Hockey, Former Minister for Tourism, Australia

My bible, Outback in Style, was given to me by my Bris. chum. It was, as Drew Kluska will have told you, on sale in every corner newsagent (well, perhaps not every corner!) I never stop promoting them; they know everything there is to know about your beautiful country. They never, ever put a foot wrong. Even when we extended our trip and asked for their advice, we found when we arrived in Sydney that the hotel they had recommended (Sebel Pier One) – but which was fully booked – was quite the best place in the, for us, best area, being just below the old British garrison and right on the water.
Outback Encounter behaved in that impeccable way that any agency should in these days of internet booking – i.e., they replied efficiently and with great friendliness by the very next morning after an email. We really felt that Megan Kluska was a friend and, as I say, I tell everyone thinking of going to Australia not to put a foot on the continent without consulting O.E!

Marsh family

Haggerstone was great. The helicopter was an excellent idea and Brazakka a real character! We all loved the food, the team and the fishing. Roy needs a few more quality rods, but some of us took our own. Overall it was great and Kylie did an excellent job of pulling the trip together! We’ll be in touch later in the year regarding our 2011 fishing trip. Many thanks

Leigh, Australia

I loved how organised the pre-trip package was – couldn’t fault it. Kerry Holloway’s service was fantastic. I would definitely recommend you and already have!

Stephanie & Daniel, Australia

We both had a great time. Everything went smoothly and we got to see a huge amount of Australia in a very short time. The trip certainly ticked all the boxes for a wonderful trip. Please, if possible put me on an email mailing list to let me know of any future trips. Thanks for all your help.

Sue, Australia

I received the travel documents last Friday and had a look over the week-end and everything is perfect and your advertising book looks amazing.
I think that we have everything now ready for them when they will arrive on Friday.Thank you so much again for your great help and the professionalism of the whole process and of your company.

Arnauld, France

Thanks for showing my family what Australia is all about. You both are very fortunate to have Bullo and each other. I hope to come back to ‘chill’. Thanks

Greg & family, Australia/USA

Thanks for organising everything. All I can say is that it was a great recommendation. Nobody should come to Ozz without going there. I won’t go on and on……. But great people and great place.

Michael, UK

I am back now from my Oz trip and my stay at Angorichina was simply amazing – I had a great time and Ian and Di Fargher were wonderful hosts, so I am really grateful to you for recommending this and making all the arrangements.

Ian, UK

Di, great to hear from you!! Please also say hi to Ian! We had a wonderful time with you. Felt truly like visiting ‘nice’ family! Your property is a real treasure. I will definitely recommend and have already sent out and posted one MLS a lot about our experience with you. It was literally the best part of our Xmas trip. Stay in contact!! If ever coming in this direction, let us know. We loved being with you and having the unlimited freedom that you and Ian were so wonderful to share. We also loved how casual you kept everything!

Garnett family, USA

When we first got to Bullo I wondered what on earth were we going to do for 6 days but there was never a dull moment. Marlee & Franz’s presence really made our visit. Marlee is especially engaging. There were other guests and friends of Marlee & Franz whose presence added a lot of camaraderie. Whether it was catching barramundi, travelling up the river gorge to a pristine sand bar, seeing a wild croc devour a kangaroo, catching bulls with Marlee, helicoptering to the Cascades with Franz, finding bower bird nests with Evan, trying to save a newborn foal, watching Marlee break a wild mare, playing with the newborn calves on the front lawn, learning to crack a bull whip etc.etc: every day brought a new adventure! Our entire family would return to every place we visited in a heartbeat!

Orbann family, USA

The trip to Kakadu & Arnhem Land with Sab was marvelous and the centre point of our visit. What a great guide he is. The best days for us were camping under canvas, but we enjoyed the whole package, especially the opportunity to visit the Aboriginal Homelands!

David & Carol, Australia

This was more than a holiday. The staff at Double Island genuinely made us feel right at home. To be frank, they were exceptional and made our stay.

Godfrey family, Australia

As I have been telling family/friends and clients, 3 days at Bullo left me with an abundance of amazing stories to tell – and memories that will stay with me for a long time. Watching the sun set from the cliffs at the Rock Art site, the river cruise and the heli-tour to the Cascades were incredible experiences. Marlee, Franz, Evan and the staff were a quintessential part of that experience. I’d rate Bullo as a “Highly Recommended, 5 Star Experience.

Warren, USA

Everything was wonderful. Ron, Tim, and Anthony love what they do and it shows. I was quite impressed with the three course meal prep in 15 minutes! Ron and Tim were especially great with John Robert, providing assistance whenever needed. And the best moment – and there were many – was when Ron responded to John Robert’s repeated requests to see kangaroos. A quick detour off the main road led us into an open pasture teeming with kangaroos. We got to close in on a family, who posed for us like they were looking forward to being on the cover of National Geographic. Once back in the vehicle to head home, Ron spun a wonderful story about a girl sick with cancer whose last request was to swim with sea lions, and her wish was answered when she swam among them and one of the seals delivered her a starfish to remember the moment. Ron swears this really happened, and then told John Robert that perhaps the kangaroos understood how much he wanted to see them and so they came out just for him. It was so sweet I nearly cried. What a crew!

Mary Ann, USA

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