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The Tailor creates hand-crafted luxury Australian experiences for discerning travellers.
Founded on a platform of excellence and authenticity, The Tailor is recognised as the originator and leader in "off the beaten path" travel, but with a distinctly luxurious edge.

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Our customers come to us with their dreams – diving the turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef, exploring the red expanses of the Australian outback, fine dining beside the white shells of Sydney Opera House…

They make three basic requests: that their time is well-spent, that their travels are authentic and their adventures exclusive.

With over a hundred years of expertise, we set about inspiring them, unveiling our collection of premier retreats, private tours and executive travel options. We guide, we suggest and we surprise. And then we stitch the practicalities into seamless journeys.

Our customers take delivery of perfectly-tailored, bespoke holiday experiences that exceed their highest expectations.


The Tailor is built on two core values: excellence and authenticity. We create magical experiences that make use of intimacy, exclusivity and even a touch of daring. The Tailor can take you to the less-known destinations to encounter the least expected; we also know how and where you can gain the freshest, most fabulous perspectives on famous landmarks.

The Tailor’s team of travel designers is trained in the fine art of taking your aspirations, noting your specific needs and designing something very special.

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