Founded in 1998, with over 200 years of combined experience and more than 12,000 travellers.

Meet Australia’s most trusted & innovative luxury travel specialists.

At The Tailor, we are a team of trusted, passionate travel designers who create Australian hand-crafted journeys to inspiring destinations.

Founded in 1998 by South Australian, Drew Kluska; his vision for our company was simple – to create personalised travel experiences that become cherished, lifelong memories, catering to those who seek to go beyond the norm and discover the heart and pulse of Australia.

Nearly 20 years later, The Tailor has grown into a highly reputed and respected company both within Australia and overseas.

We cater to clients, both national and international who seek an exclusive travel experience handpicked especially for them.

Not just ‘seeing’, our journeys offer a deep view inside the world of Australian cities, wilderness, outback, islands, food, music, architecture, art, history and culture, ensuring that you truly “experience” Australia.  We provide insider’s access and true ‘people to people’ interactions to a huge range of destinations and experiences in Australia that is simply not available elsewhere.

Our journeys are completely based around your interests and schedule – they are one of a kind experiences that are as unique as you are. We can have you diving the turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef, exploring the red expanses of the outback, fine dining beside the white shells of Sydney Opera House.

Our dedicated travel designers are skilful in meeting any number of requirements, ideas, timeframes and making the impossible possible through our vast networks and connections.

From the moment we receive your enquiry, we do everything to hand-craft a journey that will make your holiday extraordinary, we listen to you and personalise your journey accordingly. We take care of your trip down to the very last detail ensuring that you can benefit from our unwavering commitment to personalised service and exclusive experiences that only we offer.

The Tailor has garnered international acclaim. Some of our most recent accolades include:




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