Executive Team

 DREW KLUSKA – Managing Director

Drew was raised on a property in rural South Australia before attending boarding school and university in Adelaide majoring in Agricultural Science. Drew travelled to Kenya in 1996 and found himself hosting guests at one of the flagships of East African tourism, Lewa Downs Wildlife Conservancy.

It was this experience that prompted him to found The Tailor in 1998, showcasing the best of Australia through the eyes of those who know it best ‘The Locals’, whilst always maintaining an exceptional standard of quality in all areas.

Drew’s passion has led to The Tailor growing to be one of the largest luxury travel companies in Australia and rated as one of the “Best Adventure Travel Companies On Earth” and “Number ONE in Australia” by National Geographic Adventure USA .


RICK ALBERTINI – Advisory Board Chair

Rick Albertini qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1994; he is a Partner of Brentnalls SA, a Chartered Accounting Practice in Hindmarsh South Australia. Rick specialises in business advisory services including advisory boards, strategic planning and management, benchmarking, cash flow, finance and wealth creation planning.

Rick joined The Tailor in 2008 as an Advisory Board member. He is married with two children.


HOWARD SAUNDERS – Partner & Private East African Guide

Howard was born and raised in Australia and spent much of his early life out in the bush. Over ten years ago Howard moved to Kenya to become a Professional Safari Guide through his love of the African environment, the biodiversity of the wildlife and his passion for conserving it.

Howard began with Ker & Downey Safaris (Kenya) in the late 1990s as a guide and has since joined the Board of Directors of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association as recognition of his knowledge and leadership abilities. Howard has been a key partner in The Tailor for many years and is our highly preferred private African guide.

Howard is married to Stephanie, a PHD researcher, and they have two children.


KIRSTY SIEKMANN – Chief Executive Officer

Kirsty was raised on Kangaroo Island and has lived in Papua New Guinea where she worked in a dive resort and owned a local produce processing business in Rabaul. She returned to Kangaroo Island where she was Operations Manager for a 4WD tour operator before moving to Adelaide and joining The Tailor in 2003.



INGA AFHELDT  – Commercial Manager

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

The people.  It is wonderful to work with a group of very talented individuals who love what they are doing. I also have the opportunity to spend time with our Product Suppliers who together with our team, create and deliver some exceptional experiences in our beautiful country.


  • Beach escape or outback adventure? Why?

Outback Adventure.  Living in Sydney I am fortunate to be surrounded by great beaches so going to the Outback is a real treat. I love the people, scenery, wildlife, sense of adventure and peace.

ASHLEIGH ELLIS – Product Content Manager

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

I love that the work we do is completely team orientated. We all rely on the work of one and other, and because everyone is good at what they do, everything runs so smoothly. Being a part of team like this means you really feel like whatever job you are doing, no matter how seemingly small it might be, you are really contributing to what we are doing in the luxury travel industry.

  • A destination on my bucket list? Why?

Definitely Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley in the Blue Mountains… as it is such a special place to  experience this beautiful part of Australia. I think stargazing in the heart of the Blue Mountains surrounded by nothing but wildlife and the Australian outdoors would be incredibly memorable


MEGAN LEHMANN – Product & Projects Coordinator

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

I enjoy the dynamic and energetic work environment at The Tailor, we are a team of hard working and creative individuals who are pushing the boundaries in Australian luxury travel!

  • A destination on my bucket list… Why?

Cruising the Kimberley in style aboard True North – what more can you want. Learning about the landscapes and history from their expert guides while staying in comfort and enjoying good food, wine and conversation!


Travel Designers

LISA WILLIAMS – Operations Manager

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

I love working at The Tailor because as a destination specialist it allows me to showcase and share incredible experiences that Australia, one of the BEST countries in the world has to offer. Australia has such an amazing variety of unique and wonderful experiences so every trip we create is different and I can’t wait to share these with visitors who will leave with memories that will last forever.

  • Take me back to…

Saffire Freycinet, its stunning location is truly breathtaking, along with its amazing food and wine, it is an experience not to be missed!


KYLIE DAMEN – Senior Travel Designer

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

I love that not every trip is the same – we get to create amazing journeys that are customised for every client’s needs and interests.  It’s also about helping create great memories for our clients.  Plus the team are great and there is never a dull moment!

  • Top travel tip

Take the time to stop and really enjoy the location you are in … these days everyone is constantly on the go!  Even better, if possible, turn off your phone – take a break!


RACHEL WOOD – Senior Travel Designer (UK based)

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

I get to chat all-day-every-day to people about my favourite place – Australia! The destination may be the same, but the people I talk to are all very different and are looking to visit Australia for a variety of reasons; it could be to satisfy a dream they have, to see family and friends, celebrate an event or revisit an old haunt from a previous visit. I love finding out about people and helping them select the best places to make the most of their time in Australia.

  • A destination on my bucket list… Why?

Sal Salis to swim with whale sharks on Ningaloo Reef – I love the remoteness of the region and the thought of sleeping close to the shore line, under the stars.


JANELLE LESKE – Senior Travel Designer

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

I love working at The Tailor as we create customise itineraries showcasing the absolute best of our fabulous country.  Working with a select group of suppliers and up and coming product to create incredible experiences is rewarding and fun.  And the ability to meet and work with clients from all over the world means everything we do is different and completely unique to the customer.  Not to forget experiencing all of these magical destinations makes it even better, and working as a part of the fabulous team!

  • Beach escape or outback adventure? Why?

It has to be both – an action packed outback adventure that is hands on meeting the characters of this country, seeing the wildlife, lots of activity and incredible landscapes, followed by down time on any one of our beautiful beaches to enjoy snorkelling, diving, water activities or simply relaxing – why should you have to choose!!!


CAROLINE DENSLEY – Senior Travel Designer

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

Passionate and inspiring people who have an awesome suite of products to package together for clients that showcase an amazing Australia.

  • City or Wilderness? Why and where?

Wilderness; Arnhem Land – the rich Indigenous history that overlays a beautiful region adds a sense of place to the location and experiences available


CATE HARLEY – Senior Travel Designer

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

I love knowing that the destinations, accommodation and activities we offer at The Tailor are at the pinnacle of Australian travel experiences.

  • If I could live anywhere in Australia it would be

Near Byron Bay, for its climate, gorgeous beaches, beautiful hinterland and laidback outdoor lifestyle


DEBRA PIETSCH – Senior Travel Designer

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

I love The Tailor team. And that includes everyone – my colleagues, our trusted suppliers and even the boss! I love the fact that we’re all 100% committed to ensuring each trip we design is perfect for every traveller.

  • If I could live anywhere in Australia it would be… Why?

I’d love to follow the sun for a couple years and live everywhere in Australia. Up to tropical Far North Queensland and Darwin or Broome during the winter months. And back to the southern Australia wine regions and beautiful Tasmania during the hot summer.


KERRY HOLLOWAY – Senior Travel Designer

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

I love the whole experience from initial contact and planning a trip with clients, and then following them on their journey – you often feel like you’re along for the ride, and sharing the adventure.

  • Favourite family holiday destination. Why?

We love Far North Queensland,  with the reef and rainforest on the doorstep it is such a special part of Australia, and Tasmania for the beautiful landscapes, amazing food and wine scene, and most of all our nieces and nephews that call Tassie home.


DANIELLE DE LORME – Travel Designer

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

Working with a great team of people. Everyone has a story to tell.

  • If I could wake up anywhere in Australia tomorrow it would be… 

Watching the sunrise over Uluru…. It keeps life in perspective


NICK & TERI TALBOT PRICE – Travel Designers

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

We love being part of a very friendly and professional team that always goes the extra mile to help guests with their ultimate travel experience.  Nothing is too difficult.

  • Top travel tip

Teri: Enjoy every single moment of your trip, unplug from technology!

  • One thing I always pack in my suitcase

Nick: My sense of fun and adventure!


AMANDA FISHER – Travel Designer

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

I love sharing the knowledge that we have collectively gathered over years and years of selling Australia – each one of us regularly comes up with new combinations and twists on itineraries and destinations that we share with one another.   With the help of our fabulous product suppliers we ‘invent’ new experiences that enable our guests to delve deeper in Australia. I love the magic that we add to every itinerary … something special, perfectly formed and ‘tailored’ to suit the traveller.

  • City or Wilderness? Why and where?

Wilderness and for two reasons …. One is because I love the big sky country, I love places where you can see from one edge of the earth to the other. Where the sky is literally half of everything and it is usually as blue as can be. I also love being in the wilderness because we have so much to learn about our continent’s unique history, flora, fauna, bio-diversity, the conservation challenges we face and the Aboriginal people’s amazing connection to country.

PRUE FARGHER – Travel Designer

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

The flexibility of this dynamic team means we can be located anywhere in Australia, meaning there is always someone nearby ready to check out a cool new experience or amazing location.  I also LOVE the fact I started at the Tailor during my university work experience, and after a 10 year career change….I’m back and it feels like I never really left! It’s a real family.

  • If I could wake up anywhere in Australia tomorrow it would be…

Onboard the True North cruising the Kimberley Coastline, where complete luxury meets unrivalled adventure, untouched wilderness and pristine beaches.

KIRSTIE ZELLER – Travel Designer

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

I adore working with our passionate and adventurous team!  Being able to use our knowledge and expertise to create amazing trips full of new sights and adventures.  Working with our amazing products and suppliers we get to put together an overall experience to ensure our clients will make memories they will never forget in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

What a pleasure to be able to do this every day!

  • If I could wake up anywhere in Australia tomorrow it would be…

If I could wake up anywhere in Australia tomorrow it would be… In a swag, under an iridescent sky on the deck of a Longitude 131 Luxury Tent in the Red Centre, Northern Territory – I would feel the cool air before the warmth of the desert sun comes up, and look out at the view of Uluru and take in the significance of this spectacular place.  Then I would definitely make a coffee….

ANGELICA AIDONE – Travel Designer

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

The Tailor has a well-earned reputation for creating authentic, luxury Australian experiences. To be a part of a team who are equally passionate about this and working for guests who want to experience this, really makes this a dream job.

  • Top travel tip:

Experience more of less. Resist the urge to treat your trip to Australia as though it’s once in a lifetime. Slow down and enjoy. Trust me, you’ll be back!


KYLIE HOFFMANN – Travel Designer

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

The Tailor represents the best of the best in Australian Luxury experiences – and we share these amazing unrivalled lodges, people, architecture and more with the world!  What’s not to love?

  • City or Wilderness? Why and where?

Having lived in both Sydney and Melbourne I can’t help but be drawn back to these bustling cities year after year.

Sydney is a national treasure: this unique harbour city is home to some of the best art houses, personalities and exhibition spaces in the world. My perfect day would begin at the National Gallery of NSW, a visit to the Ken Done gallery in the Rocks then lunch at MCA overlooking the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge and then a quick boat charter over to Cockatoo Island to experience the latest art installation. Perfect.

Melbourne’s food scene is unparalleled and uniquely Australian: a day visiting coffee houses (Melbourne loves its coffee!), rambling through hidden laneways searching for the latest rooftop hot spot for lunch then onto dinner at Australia’s ‘best’ restaurant in a lazy Melbourne suburb (you know the one!) is my perfect Melbourne day. Then there’s the Mornington Peninsula and the Great Ocean Road…


The Tailor USA

MATT GREENHAM – Travel Manager, USA

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

With its rich culture, stunning landscapes and diverse range of experiences, Australia’s offerings are seemingly endless. Our deep knowledge of and access to the most authentic luxury adventures ensures our guests enjoy what’s truly special about our country.

  • Beach escape or outback adventure? Why?

Outback adventure! It’s the ‘beating heart’ of Australia and where you can experience our fascinating indigenous culture.


Luxury Day Tours

AMY MARSHALL – Reservations and Product Consultant

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

I work with a new product for The Tailor, called Luxury Day Tours. I have been lucky enough to visit every capital city in Australia and travel extensively within the Australian states and territories on extended holidays with my young family, so the next best thing to travelling myself is to send our clients to experience this marvellous country on luxury day tours. The Tailor Team are a great group of people who achieve amazing things together through friendship and support and I love that the M.D. Drew pitches in at any level to assist the team. I also really enjoy dealing with The Tailor suppliers; they are all the best of the best and there is such a meaningful relationship between us to create amazing experiences for our clients.

  • Take me back to…

Tough question but it’s got to be answered……The Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Western Australia! When you get some of the earth on you from these areas, it never leaves you! Such dramatic scenery, starry nights, incredible wildlife, indigenous experiences, beautiful boab trees and fun characters. My favourite places were Karajini National Park and the drive from Broome to Lake Argyle, with Purnululu (the Bungle Bungles ) and El Questro in between!




  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

I tend to think that my role at The Tailor is being an “Illusionist”. When you expose your work to thousands of people via our website, you understand you are creating a window to make viewers capture an idea and a style of travel they are pursuing. Difference here is that we can make those illusions real.

  • A destination on my bucket list… Why?

Lizard Island because this beautiful island is one of the best and most unique spots to experience the Great Barrier Reef.



  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

I love being able to express my creativity and passion for luxury travel.

Working with a great team that are experts in there field helps push my direction for producing and keeping me up to date with the industry and knowingly The Tailor deserves to have the best video content in the media today.

  • If I could live anywhere in Australia it would be

Sydney. The lifestyle of living in a city with world class beaches for surfing and fishing whilst also being able to network with high end directors and producers would be a dream. I love the diversity of the harbour lifestyle and the social aspects it offers.



ANN-MARIE WAYDOCK – Office Administrator

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

There is always something new and exciting to challenge my mind working at The Tailor

  • City or Wilderness? Why and where?

Wilderness; escape to the Kimberley’s, to a remote and unique location, off the beaten track – hopefully in the next year or so!


EDITH LUO – Book keeper

  • What do I love about working at The Tailor

The people at The Tailor are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work. I love that everyone cares and that you have flexibility when needed.

  • Three things you’ll always find in my carry-on baggage

o   1… Passport/visa(s) or Photo IDs

o   2… Cash and credit card(s)

o   3… Reservations and itineraries with Hotel and/or tour contact information