Angorichina Station

Angorichina Station

Angorichina Station is a working sheep station with 140 years of history, 64,000 hectares and a warm welcome for just six discerning guests.
Experience an authentic slice of outback life with Ian and Di Fargher, whose family has worked the beguiling red lands of the Southern Flinders for four generations. Their historic homestead is an oasis of period elegance, green lawns and manicured roses, a striking contrast to the echoing plains and ancient ranges where eagles keen.

Hosts Ian and Di provide all personal tours and serve delicious home-cooked meals – including sumptuous roast lamb under huge night skies on the back veranda. Of course, there’s always something happening on a sheep station including mustering, shearing and water runs: it’s all happening for real and you’re very welcome to be part of it.
The nearby town of Blinman (population 22) is a charming old mining town with museum, café, post office and – of course – a pub.

Australia has few family-operated farm-stay properties that successfully blend comfort, history, scenery, style, activities and interaction…Ian and Di Fargher achieve this brilliantly.

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

Location: Flinders Ranges

Stretching north from Port Augusta into the sun-seared wilderness of South Australia’s deserts, the Flinders Ranges and Outback is one of the country’s most impressive destinations.
The arid lands feature country-sized salt lakes, ancient seabeds and majestic ranges, places that stay with all who experience their power and solace.
The Ranges themselves – craggy and haunting – are seared into both Aboriginal and European lore. They’ve been sculpted by millions of years of rain, wind and sun to form a fractured, furrowed landscape of deep valleys and fearsome ridges, covered with casuarinas and cypress pines. Wilpena Pound is one of Australia’s most remarkable sights – a giant saucer-like depression with rims rising to 800m.
The natural environment is known for more than beautiful landscapes beneath wide blue skies: the wildlife is highly adapted and the ancient rocks have yielded fossils of the oldest-known forms of primitive life – discoveries that have rewritten the science books.
The region’s small towns are outposts of history and charm; its people are resourceful and respected, open and welcoming. The largest regional centre is Port Augusta at the head of Spencer Gulf.


Immerse yourself in the daily life of a working outback sheep station or meander through the virtual museum of 19th century outbuildings – the shearing shed, shearers’ quarters, the former manager’s residence and tack room; during season you’ll see mustering and sheep-shearing in action.
Take a rugged 4WD tour, or guided walk of the ancient Flinders Ranges. On property, you can also search for some of the oldest fossils on earth, treasures from the Ediacaran to Precambrian periods.
Observe the wildlife including emus, kangaroos, rare Yellow-footed Rock Wallabies and abundant birdlife. For additional cost you can take a scenic flight over the region and the amazing Wilpena Pound.

Suitable/best for

Small Groups
Solo Traveller

Dining: Dining Options

All meals are included — outback cuisine and great Australian wines served in an intimate setting.

Room / Accommodation option: Standard

Angorichina Station’s accommodation consists of a tastefully renovated schoolroom with an ensuite bathroom known as The Cottage.

The original stone homestead at Angorichina Station comprises of two bedrooms and two bathrooms for guests’ use.

Getting there

Nearest major City/Town
Capital city – Adelaide
Town – Blinman

Air Access
Light aircraft from Adelaide takes 2 hours in a single engine plane to Angorichina Station.
Light aircraft from Adelaide takes 1 hr 30 mins in a twin-engine plane to Angorichina Station.

Road Access
Angorichina Station is situated 491 kilometres north of Adelaide (approximately 6 hours drive).
Angorichina Station is located 5 minutes drive from the township of Blinman.


Angorichina Station is open all year round and the best times to travel are between March – December. It can get quite hot during the summer months of January and February.


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