Arnhem Land Cultural Safari

An immersive and authentic journey into one of the most remote and untouched regions of Australia, and the culture of the Indigenous people who have walked this land for thousands of years.

On a little-known corner of Australia’s South Eastern Arnhem Land lies an untouched wilderness without physical boundaries, without roads, where nature thrives and only the traditional Indigenous owners and custodians of the land reside. This extraordinary location is the setting of the Arnhem Land Cultural Safari.

Guided by Simon Little who has an exceptional bond and deep respect for the traditional owners of East Arnhem Land, you will truly go off the beaten track for a remote journey like no other. Simon has cooperated with traditional owners from over 10 different aboriginal families for over 30 years, and has access to over 2.9 million acres of untouched wilderness. Let Simon lead you through the pristine landscape on this week-long safari.

This experience is for those that want a true untouched wilderness and cultural engagement. It is only available to strictly controlled numbers between June and October each year on a week-long basis. Simon and his hand-picked team guide all safaris, and with the accumulated knowledge of traditional owners and his team, this is a true case of privileged access.

The Tailor’s Arnhem Land Cultural Safari was a Chad Clark Certified 25 winner for 2018, making it onto the list of 25 extraordinary and boundary-pushing luxury travel experiences throughout the world. Find out more.


Location: Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is a unique destination and a world away from the European style cities of its southern counterparts. The NT offers a glimpse into an ancient Australia, a region of pristine national parks, abundant wildlife and a place where Indigenous culture is still strong.

Arnhem Land comprises of vast amounts of Aboriginal owned land (approximately 100,000 square km) where many local people still practice their traditional ways. The region is home to some of the most spectacular rock-art anywhere in the world and is rich in tropical swamps, floodplains, mangroves, coastal jungle, sand dunes, untouched beaches, offshore Islands, Eucalyptus/Melaleuca floodplain forests. Inland, the terrain is a combination of open wooded savanna, thick brush and rugged escarpments.


The activities of the Arnhem Land Cultural Safari are culturally and environmentally minded, and are the true highlight of the journey.

Picture trekking to a remote waterfall high on the escarpment, being privy to traditional Aboriginal ceremonies, and wildlife watching. Activities include:

  • Fishing for Barramundi
  • Wildlife watching
  • Bush hikes
  • Quad bike rides
  • Scenic 4WD trips
  • Boat cruises
  • Island hoping
  • Aboriginal storytelling
  • Helicopter flights


During the Arnhem Land Cultural Safari, you are accommodated in either a rustic and remote base camp, or depending on the safari, you can camp somewhere new each night. The safari can be tailored to you. This is true wilderness camping, with the 5-star immersive experience being the true focus.

Accommodation is clean and includes basic amenities. The team work to ensure the camp is a comfortable and relaxing space to return to after a day of exploration.

Suitable/best for

Small Groups – Maximum of 12
Solo Travellers

Getting there

Nearest major City/Town
Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory.

Air Access
Tours depart from Darwin via helicopter and take approximately 1 hour to reach the landing area.


The Top End of Australia has two distinct seasons: ‘The Wet’, from November to March is when the summer rains prevail and the humidity increases; ‘The Dry’ season, from May to October, has warm sunny days and cool nights and is the peak season for visitors.

The Arnhem Land Cultural Safari operates as a minimum 7 day/6 night safari from June to October.

*Please note: The Arnhem Land Cultural Safari is currently under development with details being finalised. Please contact us if you would like to book or find out more.


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