Five Australian Super Lodges

Over the past 20 years The Tailor has visited some of Australia’s most exclusive luxury properties. Here we present the crème de la crème, five outstanding lodges that deliver the very finest – whether that’s food and wine, service, sports facilities or spa treatments.
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Our Top 8 Wilderness Lodges

For anyone searching for jaw-dropping landscapes untouched by human beings, all roads lead to Australia. Not only is Australia the sixth largest country on earth, it contains vast stretches of pristine wilderness – from ancient mountain ranges to tropical rainforest and spectacular deserts – which have never been touched by agriculture, mining or industrial development.
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Rachel’s Review – Southern Ocean Lodge Kangaroo Island

From sunshine, sandy shores and incredible marine life it was time for me to put my jumper, socks and boots back on and head south to experience slightly more traditional winter elements. Before anyone starts to accuse me of working for the Kangaroo Island Tourist board (or taking a back-hander), I don’t, I promise.
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5 Best Lodges in Australia

This is a very tough choice as there are so many great Lodges in Australia today. After sending to travellers to Australia’s finest lodges for the last 13 years I am going to list my top 5, based on a criteria of consistently outstanding customer feedback and what I believe displays Australia at its finest.
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Top 5 Outback Lodges

To me it’s all about the people and the experience. I am not so much concerned with gold taps and chandeliers! I want to walk away from an Outback stay saying that was truly incredible and I would only find that in Australia!
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5 Best Lodges on Great Barrier Reef Islands

I love the Great Barrier Reef, every time you see it from the air you have to marvel at its size and beauty. There is a special feeling when you land in the tropics of northern Queensland and see the mango trees, sugar cane, palm trees and thick tropical rainforest.
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