The Tailor can stitch your wildest holiday desires into a seamless journey made to your specifications.

We look forward to helping you create a hand crafted Australian journey.

By Jet

Private jet travel offers you the flexibility, freedom and speed to travel when and where you want in style. We have unsurpassed access to the largest and finest range of Jets in Australia.

jet australia

By Helicopter

With individually tailored safaris, heli-travel allows you to plan a trip which will accommodate both your time and your interests. Travelling by heli will take you to the most inaccessible regions in Australia.

helicopter australia

By Charter Aircraft

A charter plane opens up the wilderness for exploration – it allows access into the heart of Australia.

the tailor aircraft

By Rail

Rail travel in Australia is a unique and popular way to appreciate the vast expanses of the Australian continent. The slower pace harks back to a simpler era of travel, but retains the personal attention and style.

the ghan


When time is no issue; wind your way along dramatic coastal roads, through undulating hills draped in grapevines or across vast expanses of dry arid desert.

Self-driving connects you to the landscape like no other style of travel. You have the freedom to stop and explore at your leisure.

self drive the tailor

By Sea

With the services of an attentive, professional crew and the freedom to anchor wherever, the possibilities of travelling by sea are endless. We have unsurpassed access to the largest and finest range of luxury boat charters in Australia.

luxury yacht australia