At The Tailor we strive for you to truly ‘discover’ Australia as a local, not as a tourist, with insider’s access to a whole range of fascinating destinations and experiences across our great country.

We create Australian hand-crafted journeys which include handpicked destinations. Simple.


  • The Tailor is built on two core values: excellence and authenticity
  • With over 200 years of collective experience in the luxury travel industry, no-one knows Australia better
  • Founded in 1998, our team has spent almost 20 years travelling the length and breadth of Australia to personally select a huge range of destinations and experiences throughout Australia that provide insider’s access that is simply not available elsewhere
  • Each retreat, tour and experience have been chosen for its proven commitment to these same values
  • Highly Awarded, with recent awards including:
    • Conde Nast Traveller USA 2017, 2016 and 2015 – The Experience Makers
    • Pure Awards 2015 – Innovative and Engaging Marketing
    • Luxperience 2015 – Marketing Excellence in Luxury and Experiential Travel



  • We create magical experiences that make use of intimacy, exclusivity and even a touch of daring
  • Our team of dedicated travel designers are trained in the fine art of taking your aspirations, noting your specific needs and designing something very special just for you!
  • We advise our honest recommendations based on your interests and requirements
  • Taking you to the less-known destinations to encounter the least expected; we also know how and where you can gain the freshest, most fabulous perspectives on famous landmarks
  • Through our strong partnerships, benefit from our exclusive connections for luxury upgrades, exclusive extras and exceptional value
  • We guide, we suggest and then we stitch the practicalities into seamless journeys. Our guests take delivery of a perfectly-tailored, bespoke holiday experience.


  • Starts at ‘Welcome, how can I help you?’ and continues throughout your journey, offering a 24-hour contact service while travelling in Australia
  • You have access to your own private Travel Designer that coordinates and ensures seamless delivery of your Australian hand-crafted journey
  • There are no additional charges to access our extraordinary travel services and receive added benefits through our long standing relationships and connections within the Australian luxury travel industry