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Adventure & Sports Tours

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One of the reasons why so many people love to visit Australia is because of the wonderful outdoor activities and adventures that they can enjoy.

This is a country where there is adventure around every corner, and those who love outdoor recreation and nature will always find plenty to see and do. With the wide range of Australian adventure tours that you can book in locations all across the country, you can really make the most of your time in Australia with Luxury Day Tours.

Whether you want to enjoy outdoor recreation such as hiking or water activities, surround yourself with natural wonders, or take in the wildlife, there are many great adventure tours Australia has to offer. Depending on the area you are staying in, you can head out on an exciting and unique journey when you take a day tour.

If you love taking in the local wildlife, you will also find many great tours to choose from. These provide you with the perfect opportunity to travel to new areas and meeting the fascinating wildlife as well as discovering the country’s natural beauty. Australia is home to a huge variety of wildlife, many of which are not found anywhere else on the planet.

From dingos and kangaroos through to crocodiles and Tasmanian Devils, you will find all sorts of wildlife to explore in Australia. You can take a trip to Phillip Island from Melbourne where you can take in koalas, kangaroos, and penguins amongst other things. If you are staying in Sydney, don’t miss the chance to take a Blue Mountains tour for the wildlife and incredible scenery that can be found there. Another great wildlife adventure destination is Kangaroo Island, which you can reach with ease from Adelaide – especially aboard our private aircraft.

With so many places to explore when it comes to adventure and wildlife, you can look forward to diverse and memorable experiences with Luxury Day Tours.


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