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Walking Tours

Explore the diversity of Australia on foot with Luxury Day Tours

Australia is a country filled with wonderful places to see and explore, and often the best way to do this is on a walking tour.

There is a lot that you can miss if you are touring in a vehicle as opposed to walking. Touring the Australian landscape by foot immerses you in nature and lets you get up close and personal with Australia’s distinctive native wildlife. This is why many visitors decide that they want to try one of the many Australian walking tours available.

No matter which part of the country you visit, from the outback to mountains to beaches and even our vibrant cities; you can find a walking tour that’s perfectly suited to your interests and needs. You can do everything from exploring Australia’s exclusive shopping opportunities and recreational facilities through to taking in nature and meeting our wildlife when you take a walking tour with Luxury Day Tours.

With such great weather and so many fabulous places to explore, exploring Australia on foot comes highly recommended. With its wide range of walking tours, Australia makes this goal perfectly achievable.

If you are staying in a major city such as Melbourne, you can enjoy a range of options. You can head out on Melbourne walking tours of the various shopping malls, laneways and arcades or perhaps try one of the luxury food walking tours. You can even indulge the artistic side of you with a street art tour of the city. Or you can explore the many areas just outside the city with a more gentle walking tour in the countryside.

You can enjoy similar walking tours in and around all of the other major cities, such as Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, and Adelaide. These tours help to ensure that you do not miss out on important sights and attractions when you are exploring the area.