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Wildlife Tours

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From kangaroos, platypi and koalas to Great White Sharks, penguins and whales, when it comes to wildlife, Australia is a country that has it all.

There are many unique and fascinating – not to mention cute and even deadly – species here that cannot be found in the wilderness anywhere else in the world. This is why many people visiting Australia are so keen to explore the wildlife as well as the natural beauty and surroundings of their habitats.

The best way to make the most of exploring Australia’s wildlife is with one of the many Australian wildlife tours that you can book. The wildlife tours offered by Luxury Day Tours are available across the country and are designed to help visitors to make the most of their wildlife exploration. With so many different species and habitats to explore, this provides a simple and exciting way to enjoy the best of Australia’s wildlife.

Wildlife exploration is a hugely popular activity amongst visitors to Australia. If you are staying in a major city such as Melbourne, you will have to head outside the city to see the native animals in their natural habitats, but there are plenty of places nearby and lots of tours departing from the city that will enable you to explore them.

For instance, if you are staying in Melbourne during your trip to Australia, you can book a tour and head to places such as Phillip Island to see the penguins or even the Yarra Valley where you can combine your wildlife experience with wine tasting. There are also tours to wildlife sanctuaries where you can see endangered species and learn more about them.

Luxury Day Tours arranges wildlife tours in and around most capital cities in Australia. Browse our collection of Australian wildlife tours to learn more.