If you want to provoke a heated debate at your next dinner party just ask anyone who has travelled in Australia to name their Top Five experiences Down Under.

I’d be amazed if names such as Uluru, Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef didn’t crop up in the conversation; they certainly pepper the travel websites and popular guidebooks. But what exactly makes Australia’s Top Five so special? Their uniqueness? The quality of the guides? The combination of wilderness and luxury? At The Tailor we are constantly hunting down new experiences, scrutinizing existing ones and creating perfect itineraries for our clients. Having accumulated (collectively) over 100 years of travel knowledge, our expert travel designers believe that the Big Five list below remains the definitive one – especially if this is your very first trip to Australia. Of course, there is no correct way to experience Australia. And every traveller is looking for something different. But we believe that these five signature experiences should be part of every Australian journey. It is our job to then stitch together an itinerary that is specifically tailored to your needs, which incorporates some or all of these life-changing experiences. As they say, all great journeys begin with a single idea, or five.

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1. Australian Wildlife
It’s hard to imagine a trip to Australia without getting a chance to see a koala in the wild, watch sea lions cavorting on the beach or see kangaroos bouncing across the Outback. Thanks to our hand-picked experiences The Tailor is able to get you up close and personal with many of Australia’s iconic native animals – plus a few, like the Tasmanian Devil, which may still be unfamiliar. How about spending a few days at Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island? Regarded as Australia’s finest luxury wilderness resort.  Combine this with touring by the island’s premier wildlife specialist, Exceptional Kangaroo Island, to see the island’s resident sea lions, koalas, kangaroos, birds of prey and elusive echidnas. Our portfolio includes exceptional properties such as Saffire Freycinet, Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley, plus some of Australia’s most experienced wildlife guides. So whether you want to go crocodile spotting in the Northern Territory or devil-watching in Tasmania, our expert travel designers can make it happen for you.

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2. Great Barrier Reef
Stretching for 2000 kilometres along the Eastern Coast of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is not one single travel experience, but half a dozen bundled together into a multifaceted destination. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of sailing on your own luxury yacht charter through the Whitsundays, scuba diving on a remote coral reef or just spending time on your own private beach hideaway? Whether you are searching for that idyllic tropical resort, an indulgent spa experience or want some aquatic adventure the Great Barrier Reef has it all – and more. Apart from being the world’s largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef is also one of the most accessible. Mainland destinations such as Port Douglas and Airlie Beach provide fantastic stepping-off points for all kinds of aquatic adventures. Alternatively book into one of the many exclusive island resorts, such as Qualia Island, Orpheus Island, or Lizard Island resort, and surrender completely to this magical playground, which teems with underwater life. Alternatively, embrace your inner Robinson Crusoe and escape to Haggerstone Island, a remote island paradise with unequalled access to the Barrier Reef.

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3. The Outback
No-one knows Australian Outback travel like The Tailor. You could say that it’s in our blood. From the majestic Flinders Ranges in South Australia to the tropical savannah of Bullo River Station in the Top End, the Outback provides a platform for a huge range of adventures – from 4WD tours to hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and cattle mustering. The style of accommodation is equally varied and includes traditional Australian homesteads, bespoke safari camps and authentic Australian luxury lodges such as Longitude 131 at Uluru (Ayers Rock). Or you might choose to join a True North Cruise along the dramatic Kimberley coastline in Western Australia. Or maybe you want visit the pristine Gawler Ranges? Whatever your Outback dream, The Tailor can make it happen.

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4. Sydney
No matter how many days you’ve allocated for your visit to Sydney it won’t be enough. Australia’s biggest, most cosmopolitan and endlessly fascinating city has a way of getting under your skin. Apart from international icons such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, this high-powered metropolis also offers fantastic surf beaches, world-class shopping, a glamorous restaurant scene and lively arts calendar. Sydney is that rare combination of natural beauty and man-made pleasure. One minute you can be sailing across the sparkling harbour (or learning to surf at Bondi) and the next sipping a cocktail in a stylish waterfront bar. Despite its modernity, there is plenty of history to explore here. Places such as The Rocks, Fort Denison and Cockatoo Island recall the city’s colourful past. Whether you are interested in the arts, gastronomy or outdoor fun, Sydney has something to keep you entertained.

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5. Aboriginal Culture
Australia has one of the oldest, continuous indigenous cultures on the planet but one that demands a high level of sensitivity. Over the past two decades The Tailor has brought together some of the most authentic indigenous experiences in Australia – using highly respected guides such as Venture North Safaris in the Northern Territory and Guurrbi Tours in Far North Queensland. Travellers can choose from privately-guided experiences or the best outback resorts Australia has to offer. At Cicada Lodge, for example, guests stay at an indigenous owned lodge and are escorted into the Katherine Gorge National Park by guides from the Jawoyn People. Apart from learning about ancient rock art, visitors also have the chance to taste bush tucker. Join a Walkabout Adventures tour in Queensland’s Daintree forest and try a spot of  spear throwing or traditional fishing. Whether you are listening to a Dreamtime story, eating bush foods or inspecting remote rock art, you’ll be amazed at the richness of this fascinating culture.

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