How The Tailor journeys are unique

It is our goal at The Tailor to allow visitors to experience the unique aspects of Australia. Not just the icons – but the secret destinations known and treasured by the locals.

The Tailor’s journeys are truly ‘people to people’ experiences. Rather than visiting mass tourism destinations filled with tourists, conversations are with hosts, guides and local Australians who have inhabited the land for generations.

The Tailor has created a unique set of experiences that allows discerning travellers to experience the richness of the real Australia. The founder of The Tailor spent more than 18 months in 1998 & 1999 searching for authentic Australian experiences in incredible locations and introduced many partners to the tourism industry and trained them personally how to deliver an exceptional experience –today the majority remain key partners.

We have 20 years personally researching and visiting some of the most remote and unique parts of Australia, sourcing luxurious hideaways, stations and private properties. Selected destinations must always maintain the utmost standard of accommodation and the highest levels of ecological sensitivity and sustainability.