The rod arcs like a candy cane, the reel emits a thin scream. “Keep the line tight!” calls Dave ‘Lunch’ Doudle over the sound of crashing surf. “And if it wants to run, let it run!”. After the fish is hauled onto the white sand, there’s whooping and air-punching. Pity there’s no one around to admire the catch. The beach is a 15-kilometre crescent of white dunes and turquoise waves but, aside from Lunch’s guests, it’s completely empty. “I’m not even sure this beach has a name,” he says, preparing the fish and laying it on hot coals.


The Eyre Peninsula is a giant shark tooth of country poking into the Southern Ocean. It’s an area primed for wild adventures with some 2000km of raw coastline – about the same length as the entire coast of New South Wales.

“Lunch is a native of Eyre who loves to show small parties of guests just how wild his home region is. During Australian coastal safaris lasting two days to a week, his luxury LandCruiser four-wheel-drive goes off-road, across paddocks and over dunes, heading to places the world seems to have missed to do things you never thought possible. He has a wealth of adventure options and destinations. All you have to do is let him know what floats your boat.

If it’s wildlife and scenery you want, you can see emus and kangaroos entering the shallow surf, putting their heads underwater and drinking. David will also show you the sleeping dolphins of Coffin Bay, lying motionless on the surface. In Baird Bay you’ll swim with dolphins and sea lions, and off the Neptunes Islands you can get in the water with fearsome great white sharks, viewing them from the relative safety of a cage.

Thanks to ultra-clean, nutrient-rich tides, the bays of Eyre Peninsula are home to some of the world’s finest seafood. Dave and his team usually prepare and cook your day’s harvest in your holiday home, accompanying it with wines from the region. As a cook, Dave prides himself on keeping it simple. “If there’s sauce on your fish, it’s probably not fresh,” he says. If you’d like to do the cooking, “Lunch” is delighted to be your sous chef, supplying and preparing your freshly caught ingredients while you work your magic.

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