Wilderness Island

Wilderness Island

Whether you want to cast for fish or just castaway, Wilderness Island is a far-flung island in the rich waters of Exmouth Gulf in North West Australia. Offering an exclusive experience within a pristine environment, this beautiful retreat is a haven for fishermen, families and nature lovers alike.

The 3km-long island has sandy beaches, limestone cliffs and mangroves; the simple beachfront accommodation is designed to sit lightly on the environment, offering comfortable, friendly surroundings that bring just eight guests together for an authentic slice of island life.
Your hosts are committed and experienced professionals who can guide you on tours through the stunning Ningaloo waters to find its most remarkable creatures, including whales, turtles, dugong, dolphins and manta rays.
But Exmouth Gulf is also world-renowned for its fishing, and Wilderness Island is in the heart of the action. Whether you want barramundi, prize trevally or deep water demersal species, it’s all out there.

[Kayaking] gently and silently from spot to spot, the underwater world in the Gulf came alive for us as we crossed watery paths with numerous small reef sharks, countless stingrays and turtles, shovelnose sharks, schools of fish and even a few dugongs. – Perth Now (Australia)

Location: Exmouth/Ningaloo Reef

Exmouth on the Northwest Cape is an interesting, friendly outpost of 2500 people. It is considered as the gateway to Ningaloo Reef, a stunning marine park made famous for swimming with whale sharks. Other attractions include the little-visited Cape Range National Park, home to amazing red rock canyons and gorges. The giant communications base (designed to communicate with deep-water submarines) is one of the more unusual things you’ll see in the world!
Ningaloo Reef is one of the largest fringing reefs in the world and has gained a reputation as one of Earth’s last ocean paradises. Unlike many reefs, you can reach it just by stepping off the beach.
Encompassing a massive 5,000 square kilometres of ocean, it’s home to 500 species of tropical fish and 220 species of coral. Its most famous seasonal visitors are the whale sharks (docile, mysterious fish growing up to 18m long that visit the reef between April and June), rare turtle species (hatching in late January and February) and migrating humpback whales (June to November). In season, a whole range of eco-certified tour operators are available to see all this activity up close.


Fishing, kayaking and a marine eco tour are all included in package deals.
Fish are generally found offshore in around 2-metre waters; trawling/lures off the back of the boat, or in the mangroves always proves fruitful but of course, you can always throw a line off the beach right in front of your cabin!
Further-flung adventures in nearby Ningaloo Reef can be arranged upon request.

Suitable/best for

Small Groups
Solo Traveller

Dining: Dining Options

Fishing, walking and relaxing can build up a healthy appetite on Wilderness Island. All cooking is done by your hosts, so get ready to experience some truly delicious fare: it should come as no surprise that you will be offered lots of incredibly fresh, premium seafood!
Add to that a beautiful sunset and a few chilled drinks with friends or family and you’ve got an unforgettable experience.
(If required, guests may bring their own alcohol.)

Rooms & Accommodation - General Information

The Safari Cabins 
The beachfront Safari Cabins sleep two people comfortably and offer beautiful views over the ocean so you can be at one with nature. Safari Cabins include mosquito screens and comfortable beds with linen provided.
Showers are located on the beach, looking out at the ocean.
Of course, if you would like to sleep under the Southern Cross in a swag, that can be arranged!

Getting there

Nearest major City/Town
City – Perth
Town – Exmouth

Air Access
Skywest Airlines operates a twice-daily service between Perth and Exmouth and a weekly service (on Sundays) between Broome and Exmouth.

Wilderness Island is 26 miles from Exmouth. It is a one-hour boat ride or 20-minute seaplane flight from Exmouth to Wilderness Island.


Wilderness Island is open all year round. The region is very hot during the summer months of December to March. The peak season is between April and October.


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